Luis rides his bicycle 3/4 mile in 15 minutes, or 1/4 hour, along the bike trail. Assuming he rides at a constant rate, what is his speed, in miles per hour?

Accepted Solution

Answer:His speed in miles per hour is:3MphStep-by-step explanation:Depending on the speed you take in miles per minute when passing it to miles per hour, you should consider the time it takes you to travel a mile. Now: If 3/4 of a mile is 0.75 miles. And it takes 15 minutes, so how long does it take 1 mile? It is a rule of three. 0.75 miles = 15 minutes 1 mile = X Clearing X would give : X = 15 * 1 / 0.75 X = 20 minutes takes a mile to travel Now if it goes to 1Mpm how much is in Mph? If it takes 20 minutes to travel 1 mile, how many travels in 60 minutes (1 hour) Again rule of 3. 20 minutes = 1 mile 60 minutes = X Clearing X would give:X = 60/20 X = 3 miles per hour.Luis rides 3 miles per hour.