Our competitors struggled to sell 350 products last month and we sold 46% more than they did. How many more did we sell?

Accepted Solution

Answer:We sold 161 more products than our competitors.Step-by-step explanation:The first step is to find the number of products that we sold. Given that our competitors sold 350 products last month and we sold 46% more, we can think this as that we sold 146 % relative to our competitors.We can write the following relationship : [tex]\frac{350}{100}=\frac{x}{146}[/tex]Given that the 350 products represent 100%.Solving the equation for x :[tex]\frac{350}{100}=\frac{x}{146}\\x=\frac{(350).(146)}{100}=511[/tex]Therefore, 511 products are the 146% If 350 products are 100%.We conclude that we sold 511 products. Now the difference [tex]511-350=161[/tex] productsExpresses how many more we sold in comparison to our competitors. The number is 161 products.